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Research — Conformal and near-conformal strong dynamics

Conformality image Summary: The investigations of composite Higgs physics discussed here find that agreement with experimental results improves for theories whose dynamics evolve slowly across a wide range of length scales. This "near-conformal" dynamics is difficult to study through numerical lattice calculations, since only a limited range of length scales can be explored in computations that are practical to run using existing and foreseeable computing hardware. This motivated significant effort to develop and apply improved lattice techniques to study near-conformal field theories.

Image: Lattice results for the step-scaling function β for SU(3) gauge theory with twelve massless fermions, from arXiv:1610.10004. This quantity describes how the interaction strength of the system changes upon moving from higher to lower energy scales. When β crosses zero the system is conformal, identical at all energy scales.

Related publications: arXiv:1904.09964, arXiv:1610.10004, arXiv:1506.08791, arXiv:1410.5886, arXiv:1404.0984, arXiv:1401.0195, arXiv:1311.4889, arXiv:1311.2679, arXiv:1311.1287, arXiv:1310.1124, arXiv:1309.1206, arXiv:1303.7129, arXiv:1301.1355, arXiv:1212.0053, arXiv:1207.7164, arXiv:1207.7162, arXiv:1204.6000, arXiv:1111.2317, arXiv:1106.2148

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