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Research — Quantum chromodynamics at non-zero baryon density

Finite density image Summary: A long-standing challenge for lattice field theory is the analysis of systems with many more particles than anti-particles. For example, in neutron stars there is a high density of baryons (protons and neutrons) with relatively few anti-baryons. In lattice calculations that use standard importance sampling algorithms this leads to the appearance of nonsensical negative probabilities, which is known as a sign problem. I recently began exploring novel algorithmic approaches designed to reduce the severity of sign problems in lattice calculations.

Image: Results for the critical chemical potential μ of the three-dimensional Potts model, from canonical calculations which fix the number of baryons in the system to be ρ times the lattice volume. The Maxwell construction identifies the critical μ as the value for which the two shaded areas in the S curve are equal.

Related publication: arXiv:1712.07585

A longer discussion of this project will soon be completed.

Last modified 18 March 2019

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